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Free Features Boost HVAC Company's Marketing Performance

No matter what HVAC website package or design you choose, we promise to deliver the following features that have proven benefits to independent contractors and businesses. SurfingDuct is constantly building and adding to our service offerings in order to be the leader in affordable HVAC websites and Internet marketing. We will help you decide which website package is best for you. Every customer, no matter which website package they choose, receives the following free features and a minimum of 15 Search Engine Optimized pages about their HVAC business.

  • Free website hosting
  • Minimum of 15 pages of Search Engine Optimized and personalized text
  • Free updates
  • Toll free number for support and updates
  • Free registration with major search engines
  • Websites will have drop down navigation
  • Free Personalized Domain Name (replace current)
  • Customized "About Us" and "Services Offered" pages
  • Links to your professional associations and key vendors
  • Free service area or zip code listings
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Monthly Newsletter with industry news and marketing advice

We know how to promote your HVAC Company!

The Tools Your HVAC Business Needs

At SurfingDuct, we use the very best tools to help you grow your professional Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning repair and service company on the Internet.

Our minimum-investment websites feature clean design, simple navigation, cutting-edge features and turn-key services designed to help keep costs down as you build your successful online presence.

The set-up process is so easy that all you need to know is how to pick up the phone. Once we've set up your HVAC website, we'll make any changes you want for free at any time.

Custom Domain Name

Your customized domain name uniquely reflects your professional image as an HVAC contractor. With a specific domain name like, both potential and existing customers can find your local HVAC company online. Read more about the importance of giving your HVAC website a custom domain name.

Search Engine Optimization

In today's competitive business environment, visibility on the Internet is crucial to HVAC marketing. SurfingDuct incorporates customized copy, specific keywords, and search engine optimization and registration techniques to draw customers searching for "HVAC repair services" to your HVAC Internet site.

Personalize Your HVAC Website

Every SurfingDuct website contains a minimum of 15 complete pages of HVAC information for both potential and existing customers.

With SurfingDuct's quick enrollment process, we personalize your HVAC web presence by asking you a few questions about your service company. SurfingDuct's highly-trained staff has put together more than 1,800 websites for independent repair businesses, and we can gather the necessary information from you in less time than it takes to change a filter!

Our value-added services help us customize your website even further by including your HVAC company's logo, unique service details, company history, links to preferred HVAC industry vendors or partners, Internet specials/coupons, appointment request and much, much more.

With one click, your customers can also request an appointment online, or fill out a customer satisfaction survey. We can add pictures of your office, staff, products, and work progression pictures. We can even add more pages to showcase specialized services or offerings that your HVAC company provides.

Help HVAC Customers Contact You

Every page of your SurfingDuct website displays your business hours, address and phone number on all main pages for easy customer use. Customers can use the Appointment Request feature with ease. Your HVAC website will list your service areas so you are marketing your business to the right audience.

No Long-Term Obligation

The SurfingDuct team is committed to providing valuable online services at no obligation to our customers. Because we believe so strongly in the quality of our affordable website designs and services, our HVAC websites are available without a long-term contract.

If you have questions, try viewing our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us here.