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Marketing Your HVAC Website

Attract Internet Traffic

As part of our initial design, SurfingDuct will register your HVAC website with the online search engines like Yahoo! and Google. Even if the process stopped there, you'd still have an advantage over competing websites thanks to our carefully-designed copy and traffic-attracting keywords built into the website's design.

We also recommend that you improve your search rankings by getting other websites to link to yours. Search engines link to "popular" websites - and potential customers are more likely to visit websites they've seen mentioned elsewhere.

On a local and regional level, there are many websites that might be interested in linking to your business. Some ideas include:

In addition, whenever you find yourself in contact with vendors, professional associations, community organizations or news organizations, make sure that they are aware of your HVAC website.

And don't forget to incorporate your HVAC website into places you traditionally advertise, such as business cards, invoices and quotes, all print ads like the newspaper and yellow pages, and on all company vehicles. Wherever your name is, make sure your web address is there as well!

A website address is just one line of copy - but it gives potential customers access to pages of information about your HVAC business.

Make sure that address is out there for people to find your website - and in turn, to find out what your HVAC business has to offer.

SurfingDuct knows online marketing, and we can help you deliver the right message to your audience. To read more about why a website is the solution to your HVAC marketing needs, click here.