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I started my site with SurfingDuct just a few weeks ago and without any additional effort from me they have already gotten me to number one on Google for 'HVAC Repair Garner NC'. This is an effective way to have a great professional site without a large investment and without the long term contract. I look forward to many years of service with them in the very near future. If you are an HVAC company and want to have a great site that can actually be found, this is the Company you need to be speaking with.

Scott G., AirPlus HVAC Inc.


Independent business owners who don't have a website may be fooled into thinking that they've survived this long without one, why change now? Just as Ford, GM and Chrysler were lulled into believing that the popularity of highly-profitable, gas-guzzling SUVs and pickups would never wane, shops assuming that they can sustain successful and profitable businesses for years to come without a website might be in for a rude awakening. For independent businesses that serve the general public (i.e., consumers), having a website is now a basic, fundamental business practice. Not having one doesn't necessarily mean you're going to fail, but it can be construed as a sign that you don't desire to succeed long term.

Jon S. Owens, Publisher, Body Shop Business


The yellow-pages industry is running out of lifelines. In recent years, as its customers migrated to the Web ? flocking to sites like Google ? the telephone-directory business followed, hoping the Internet would be its salvation.

But that strategy hasn't panned out. Now, the economic downturn is sending the already ailing business into a tailspin.

The audience for online yellow pages remains relatively small, and traffic growth is slowing. So many directory services are vying for the ad dollars of local businesses that no single site has an authoritative roster.

Meanwhile, ad dollars are drying up as small businesses ? the industry's bread and butter ? find it harder to pay bills or have cut their spending sharply.

Emily Steel, Extinction Threatens Yellow Pages Publishers
The Wall Street Journal
Nov 17, 2008


We may as well admit it - HVAC Web sites are not the first choice for a bored Web browser to surf. The good news is that when a consumer visits your site, the only reason for them being there is that they are in the market for something you sell.

David Squires, Are HVAC Websites As Effective As They Should Be?, the NEWS
March 18, 2003