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Web Analytics

What do web analytic tools tell you about your HVAC website?

Many of our competitors believe that the goal of a website is to get visits. Although SurfingDuct understands that visits are good, we value the number of appointments your HVAC business lines up not the number of visits to your website.

The information that analytic tools provide may be useful, but is often misleading. We would rather have 5 people go to your HVAC website and you get 1 customer out of it, than 50 hits with no new customers.

We highly recommend asking customers, "Have you been to our websites?" No analytics tool can tell you what a customer can. Not to mention, customers like when you seek their opinion. It is always going to be more beneficial for you to concentrate on customer relations.

The purpose of your website is to spark interest in new customers and give current customers reason to return. Analytic tools like Google Analytics cannot tell you how your HVAC website will perform against another HVAC company's site. Most people research multiple places before choosing one. Although analytic tools report number of visits, you don't know whether your website won the customer over after researching.

Our websites make your job easier, and analytic tools often complicate and confuse users while not representing the results that matter. We completely manage your site, and provide you with features, like appointment request forms, that will reduce your company's phone calls and improve a visitor's experience. We continue to improve websites beyond the first set-up so that it will continually generate results with the customers. . . not with analytic tools!

Remember, the real way to measure website effectiveness is through your customers. Your website should be the preferred method of communication for your customers, both new and old - and will be if used properly. We build and maintain your website, but we do it for the well-being of your HVAC business rather than for untrustworthy analytic results.